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Worship Leader

Worship Team Consultant


Brigette has a unique way of reaching into the hearts and lives of people to help them realize their destiny in Christ.  Her ministry is one of encouragement, hope, and healing as she delivers the life-giving message of salvation, spiritual growth, and victory for a joy-filled life.  Through the Word, she encourages people to “get out of the box” and allow God to lead them into fulfillment.

Brigette is also an anointed worship leader who inspires people to step into the presence of God through passionate, spirit-led worship. Additionally, Brigette serves as a worship consultant who not only advises church leaders about how to develop a worship team, but also assists through teaching key musical basics and mentoring team members to move into a deeper, more powerful worship experience so that they may lead the congregation in the same manner.

 “In these last days, God is calling His sons and daughters to gather to him with total abandonment – to encounter him in worship – to join arm-in-arm, heart-to-heart with our brothers and sisters and create a force that will challenge all of hell and it’s agents.”

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